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Ninon Klease
is one of the few specialists certified to diagnose and prescribe the tinted filters (Irlen Spectral Lens) used to correct Visual Processing Disorders, Dyslexia, sore eyes and fatigue associated with reading difficulties, poor depth peception, Autism and light sensitivity which can cause headaches and other physical symptoms.  

Ninon has a background in Education, having taught for 25 years, 10 years of that as a Learning Support Teacher. She has also worked as an Irlen Consultant for the past 27 years. Ninon is based at the Gold Coast Clinic and has professionally trained and certified Screener/Diagnosticians based at Ipswich And Toowoomba.

Irlen Diagnosticians and Screeners are Members of the Australasian Association of Irlen Consultants.


IRLEN SYNDROME  is caused by the way visual information is processed by the brain. It is not a visual problem and cannot be identified by standard eye tests or medical tests, nor can it be corrected by prescription glasses. However, a prescription may be included in the tinted lens if necessary. Irlen addresses the underlying perceptual processing difficulties and light sensitivity that can cause problems with reading, spelling and handwriting, and associated problems with concentration and behaviour, as well as symptoms such as difficulty with depth perception, eye strain, headaches/migraines and anxiety.  

 Irlen can also play a role in the challenges experienced by many individuals who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, autism, concussion and traumatic brain injury and cases of misdiagnosed ADD/ADHD.  The Irlen lens can also assist with sensitivity to flourescent lighting and computer screens.

 IRLEN SYNDROME is a disability recognised by the Federal Disabiltiy Discrimination Act(1993), Naplan Special Provisions and Queeensland Core Skills Provision.


Approximately 50% of children with reading problems, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and a variety of other learning disabilities may suffer
from Irlen syndrome. These children may be seen as underachievers with behavioural, attitudinal or motivational problems. They may appear bright but seen as "not to be trying hard enough". There are also many adults who have Irlen Syndrome. Irlen Syndrome can be hereditary.


The initial assessment is carried out by professionally trained and certified IRLEN SCREENERS. If this proves helpful, then it is followed by more detailed testing to determine the exact colour of the lens to be worn as tinted glasses or contact lens. This testing is done by an IRLEN DIAGNOSTICIAN who administers a very detailed diagnostic assessment to determine the exact beneficial filter from an almost limitless number of colour combinations. The correct colour filters out the offending wavelengths of light and allows the brain to process visual information accurately.

Parents sit in on the assessments so they can see the difference this can make for their child and sometimes for themselves.

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Click here to see some clients' descriptions of the difference the Irlen lens has made to their lives.

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Regional Director

Ninon Klease
B.Ed., Dip.Teach.M.A.A.I.C

Screener & Diagnostician
ph. 07 5572 0269

Clinic Director

Jenny Webster

BHMS(ed)., B.Bus.,
CertIV Training & Assessment

Screener & Diagnostician
ph 0437 699 432

Clinic Director

Dianne Bevan

Ipswich & District

Dip.Sp.Ed., B.A.,M.Ed.,
Grad.Dip.Mental Health
for Teaching Professionals

Screener & Diagnostician
ph 0421 310 768

Screener Training is available on application.


* Degree in Education, Psychology, Optometry, Speech or Occupational Therapy.
* Courses are run regularly over two consecutive days, or a week or two apart.

* On completion of the course, participants receive a Certificate from the Irlen Institute, California, signed by Helen Irlen.
   They are then qualified to charge for their service and refer on to the Diagnostician in their area.

If you are interested, please contact:             ph: 07 5572 0269


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